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Trends Report: What to expect in 2023

For the third edition of our trends report, we decided to fully embrace the idea of looking to the future by using a technology that has been widely popularized in the last year, namely through TikTok trends: AI-generated images.

The tool we used, Midjourney, creates artistic images that move away from realism. The newest v4 algorithm from Midjourney limits the number of prompts one can input, but the results are much more precise. In short, we typed some words into the computer, and wonderful visual creations appeared.

Although technology will continue to amaze us, there is still a need for the human expertise to make the query and have artistic direction. We hope you will see in the images we crafted the abstract representations of fields of expertise that we, at NATIONAL, practice daily.

We asked our experts from across Canada to share some of the key trends they envision for 2023 in fields such as public affairs and stakeholder relations, corporate and financial communication, consumer PR and brand communications, digital communications, and crisis management and cybersecurity. Furthermore, our Managing Partners, across all offices, provide significant insights on what's to come in their region. All provided valuable thoughts that will help you get a better sense of what to expect and how to approach the challenges to come.

As always, NATIONAL helps you prepare for the next steps.

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