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Paving accessibility to the great halls

Arches of Toronto City Hall

NATIONAL develops strategies to help you thrive in an increasingly regulated world – one in which public opinion and political processes determine whether a policy or a project is given a chance to succeed.

You want your voice to be heard in the corridors of power? NATIONAL can get you there. Our expertise in government decision-making is unmatched.

Governments operate in an environment that is often contentious and under constant scrutiny. Our experienced professionals guide you through policy and politics to chart a path to success. We offer an integrated approach to government relations needs. Our professionals operate as one team across several jurisdictions. We have an extensive network of contacts and relationships with elected officials, political staff and public servants at all levels of government.

Our consultants are also experts in building data-driven engagement plans, and leveraging the latest digital and social marketing techniques. We integrate our government relations along with effective strategic communications, ensuring consistency of message across every channel.

Featured case study
Gloved hands holding a bio test
Precision Biomonitoring

Supporting innovative companies pivot into healthcare in our fight against the pandemic

NATIONAL helped Precision Biomonitoring engage government bodies and healthcare partners in order to advance regulatory submissions, secure grant funding and ensure the innovative, mobile testing technology reached communities that need it most,

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