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Building resilience and preparedness to navigate a growing threat


As companies continue to adapt to an evolving business environment, the threat posed by cyber attacks continues to grow in scale and complexity. Companies are increasingly vulnerable to a growing proliferation of ransomware, spear phishing, and deep fakes.

Layer on increased exposure with dispersed workforces and greater regulatory scrutiny requiring public companies to report cyber-attacks within three days of an incident, and companies are under immense pressure to get a handle on threats in real time.

The risk of damage to a company's reputation and business cannot be understated—and effective planning and preparedness is key to navigating a cyber attack.

Together, with an expert team of legal counsel, IT, security and operational oversight, communications plays an integral role in managing relationships with key stakeholders and employees, managing media, and mitigating reputational harm.

How we can help hardwire effective communications into your cybersecurity plan:

Pre-breach planning

  • Audit of your cyber preparedness, policies and protocols, and secure intranet site
  • Identify and assess risk scenarios and business continuity plans
  • Develop a tailored cyber breach playbook and scenario based crisis communications plan
  • Increase resiliency through training, crisis simulations and testing crisis communications protocols

Rapid response

  • Activate a crisis team to work with legal and IT teams to ensure due diligence and reporting
  • Integrate with multidisciplinary teams of experts to manage communications planning and implement communications with diverse stakeholder groups
  • Manage reputation through social and media intelligence and media analysis to inform strategy and government and stakeholder relations


  • Post incident analysis, evaluation, and reputation review
  • Rebuild reputation through communications planning to regain stakeholder relationships, trust, and confidence

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