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Pushing the envelope

Consumer Marketing

NATIONAL helps build and fortify brands. Our team makes you a contender.

Whether it’s standing out, blending in, or charting entirely new waters, consumer marketing is not only about the big idea. It’s about the strategic insight behind an idea and the compelling delivery of a message.

In NATIONAL’s world, data drives our insight. We leverage anthropological, digital and social data to identify:

  • The right people for you to engage.
  • Relevant and impactful messaging that will resonate.
  • The channels to best reach the right people.
  • Real-time opportunities to contribute to current cultural moments and dialogues.
  • Measurable results to maximize “Return On Investment” (ROI).

Whether leveraging earned, paid media, influencer outreach, content on your owned channels, or paid amplification, we avoid looking only at the numbers. We test potential and we measure results. Then, we feed those results back into your plan to help strengthen your brand.

Featured case study
Apple on a blue background

Providing a healthier alternative to more sugary drinks on the market

Fundy Drinks approached NATIONAL for support on the development of a brand for Viveau, a new sparkling drink they were bringing to market.

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