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2019 Canadian federal election

2019 federal election: Expert insight from our best advisors

White paper

The path to victory for each major party

With three new party leaders, a Prime Minister whose reputation has been damaged over the last few months, and a party that might gain momentum from Canadians' growing environmental concerns, it is certainly hard to predict what the 43rd legislature will look like in Ottawa. However, we can already see what the success of each party will depend on, and what their main challenges will be to gain voters’ confidence.

Let our experts help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each major party, and their keys to victory.


Analyzing the regional battlegrounds

Although the national campaign and the leaders' personality will draw a lot of attention, local issues—and how the parties address them—will play a big role in determining which way the votes go in October. Considering how much Canada’s political landscape has changed over the last four years, it’s safe to say that a lot of seats are going to be at stake, and the race is going to be close in many ridings.

Our experts take a look at what the barometer issues, narratives, questions and other “X factors” will be in some of Canada's key battlegrounds throughout the upcoming campaign.

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