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Trusted advisors: Up close and personal with… Martin Daraiche

November 24, 2017
NATIONAL's Martin Daraiche
Written by
Stéphanie Auclair

Stéphanie Auclair

Written by

Martin Daraiche


As part of our Trusted Advisors series, our Web Editor meets with the Firm’s leadership for one-on-one interviews on their experience, expertise and professional journey. We’re happy to present the latest of these interviews with Martin Daraiche, who was named Managing Partner of our Quebec City office this past September.

Martin, since taking over the leadership of the Quebec City a few months ago, how has your role and expectations changed?

Being named Managing Partner is a huge privilege to me. It gives me the chance to take on exciting new challenges, yet still be supported by Luc Ouellet who led the office for more than 10 years and remains active full time. He is my office neighbor and is a very valuable ally to me, just as is my colleague and NATIONAL Partner Julie-Anne Vien. I am lucky to be able to rely on my two partners in this role, which is really a three-man job! The team around me is also fabulous. Luc has put together a fantastic team over the years, and for the past two years, I have also made a few hires that bring a lot of talent and expertise to our team. I’m surrounded by such smart people, it’s phenomenal! A new colleague recently told me how impressed she was with the quality and skills of each member of the team. Every person is an expert in their own field, which makes us that much stronger as a group.

What part of your work are you most passionate about?

I work primarily on economic development mandates related to natural resources and energy, as well as to the healthcare industry. The opportunity to learn new things every day and complete complex projects that were originally thought would be impossible to achieve is quite satisfying.

How do you continually push the boundaries of your own creativity?

For me, it’s all about the team. Challenging each other is how we all get better and deliver the very best of what we have to offer. I find that the most creative ideas most often stem from group discussions.

What is your take on the importance of social media in public relations?

As a non-expert in social media, I see it as a multiplier. Social media enable us to reach influencers, but in a measurable way. It is an additional communications channel to interact with the public and decision-makers. It does not replace traditional channels, but it’s an interesting addition.

Do you think social media are more difficult to handle in a public affairs setting?

I don’t think so. Government relations are also evolving. We are now doing a lot more public relations in support of government relations. You have to set the stage to introduce a decision, and that’s a public discussion. The government side really represents a small percentage of the work itself. From this perspective, social media are therefore useful for adding a layer of interaction with decision makers.


Fun facts about Martin

I was born in: Chandler, Gaspésie
Favourite restaurant: Anywhere with my family
Favourite book: Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
If I didn’t work in PR: Already having my law degree, I’d practice law
If I could be in reality show, it would be: Medical show called Garde 24/7
If I was a superhero, I’d be: Iron Man (because my son says he likes his Malibu house!)
If money didn’t matter: I’d live at the cottage, but would continue to work
Dream travel destination: Trekking on Mont Blanc
Most memorable vacation: My honeymoon on Big Island, Hawaii
If I could be any celebrity, I’d be: A Formula 1 race car driver
Favourite past time: All types of sports
Person I most admire: My kids
First concert I ever went to is: Okoumé (90s Quebec group that no longer exists)
Favourite band: Coldplay
Guilty pleasure: Warm bread with butter

——— Stéphanie Auclair is a former Editor and Associate, Corporate Affairs at AVENIR GLOBAL


Written by Stéphanie Auclair

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November 15, 2017