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L'assemblée NATIONAL: The challenges of the new cabinet

L'assemblée NATIONAL: The challenges of the new cabinet

NATIONAL Public Relations presents its electoral podcast, L'assemblée NATIONAL, hosted by Stéphane Gasse, Senior Consultant.

At each stage of the campaign, our experts will break down the main issues being debated and analyze the key events.

Les défis du nouveau Conseil des ministres

The composition of the cabinet is the first challenge for a newly elected government. It is important to place the best people in strategic positions without neglecting geographical distribution and, of course, parity representation.

In this fourth episode of L'assemblée NATIONAL, our experts, François Crête, Vice-President, Government Relations, and Daniel Hansen, Vice-President and Sector Lead, Public Administration, discuss the new group of ministers called upon to ensure the governance of the Quebec state.

You can listen to the episode through the player below or click the "Suivre" button on the player to access a streaming platform on your smartphone (Apple Podcasts and others) and subscribe to the podcast.

(The content is in French)


Written by Stephanie Gomes | Stephen Adler | Ceara Copps-Edwards

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