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Communication in the age of algorithm

Building, growing and protecting

In the “Age of the Algorithm”, this is the only way to stand out. Clarity, authenticity and transparency are the keys to success in building trusting and durable relationships.

NATIONAL’s training sessions are custom-designed in line with your issues and specific needs. We help you tell your story by combining theory and practice with role play and simulations to help you understand the changing media universe, the basics of storytelling and how to effectively interact with journalists, bloggers, influencers, opinion leaders and your internal audiences. We can also build your skills and confidence in using video to communicate.

“Our mission is to help you prepare the right spokesperson, design the right message, and have it delivered via the proper channel to the appropriate target audience at the optimal time.”

Our approach, along with the tips and tricks we will show you, will help you better understand and navigate a multi-channel universe that is constantly changing. At NATIONAL, our experts provide you with the training, tools and support you need to seize the opportunities in today’s communications universe, while also managing its inherent risks.


Training 1

Managing is communicating

The art of engaging, mobilizing and energizing teams

Management communication is an essential skill set for managing change. Through theory and role playing workshops, you will learn ways to engage and mobilize teams without imposing your authority.

Training 2

Succeeding with the media

Honing effective spokesperson skills

Your leaders here will learn to be effective communicators no matter what the media platform. It is all about being compelling, relevant and authentic.

Training 3

The art of public speaking

Delivering presentations and speeches that are compelling and memorable

Our workshop will equip you with essential tools and hone your skills, while reducing the stress and apprehension associated with public speaking

Training 4

Managing a crisis

Responding quickly and effectively to protect your reputation

Speed is of the essence when your reputation is under attack and the margin of error is thin. Training to ensure you have the right tools and best practices to lead through any storm.

Training 5

Master the art of video

How to align image, voice and messages effectively in less than a minute and a half

On all platforms, video is king. This module will enable you to produce and deliver effective visual messages adapted to different video formats.

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Gary Arpin
Director, Communications Skills Training Integrated Solutions