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Digital training tailored to your needs

The Faculty

We are pleased to present our digital training offering, now consolidated under The Faculty, NATIONAL's digital training institute.

Our team of digital communication and brand positioning experts will continue to support you in your digital communication initiatives with this personalized service tailored to your needs.

Since NATIONAL is recognized by the Quebec government as an accredited training organization, the training provided by The Faculty is subject to the regular tax credits offered for workforce training.

Concrete and current examples are used to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge and to facilitate the understanding of concepts. Practical workshops may also be developed to allow you to fully assimilate the concepts discussed

Sessions can take place in English or French.

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Vincent Gagnon
Senior Consultant Integrated Solutions and Brand Positioning or

Training 1

Discovering the social media ecosystem

Overview of the course

  • Current portrait of social media use in Quebec, Canada and around the world
  • Current and emerging platforms
  • Demystify the different social platforms (functionalities, settings and particularities)
  • How to adapt your content strategy and community management according to each platform (audience, tone, form)

This training should be given as a refresher before taking other more advanced trainings, in order to ensure that all participants are on the same page and have the same basics regarding the different social platforms.

Discovering the social media ecosystem

Training 2

Community management

Overview of the course

  • Main principles of community management and best practices (what to do and what not to do)
  • Social media soft skills: how to bring personality to your brand
  • Netiquette: demystifying, understanding and implementing it
  • Social media monitoring
Community management

Training 3

Social media crisis management

Overview of the course

  • Main principles of traditional or digital crisis management
  • Internal and external communication protocols and implementation of tools
  • Community management in case of crisis
  • Social media monitoring
  • Practical workshop with concrete situations adapted to the client's reality
Social media crisis management

Training 4

Professional profile and leadership on social media

Overview of the course

  • Analysis of participants' profiles
  • Optimizing your professional profile: best practices
  • Content strategy on social media: content types, thought leadership, tone and manner
  • Digital governance and escalation process
  • Developing your professional network
  • Business development on social media

Following the training, personalized coaching with each executive to implement best practices and optimize their professional profile.

Professional profile and leadership on social media

Training 5

Advertising and promotion on social media

Overview of the course

  • Explore the advertising tools of Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter (configuration, formats)
  • Choose your campaign objective based on your business and communication objectives
  • Demystify targeting and ad placement
  • Best practices for copywriting and visual creation
  • Best practices for nomenclature and management of advertising accounts
  • Performance and data analysis (dashboard, performance report templates)

In preparation for the training, participants will need to provide NATIONAL with access to the company's platforms that will be reviewed.

Advertising and promotion on social media

Training 6

Content strategy and storytelling

Overview of the course

  • How to identify and leverage the organization's narrative
  • How to capture good stories and what to put forward on your social platforms
  • How to articulate and implement storytelling in an increasingly visual ecosystem
  • Characteristics of interesting and engaging content (best practices, sharing the right content in the right place and in the right way)
  • Choosing the right type of content to improve the performance of your platforms
  • Technical specifications of content to share on social media
Content strategy and storytelling

Training 7

Demystifying influencer marketing

Overview of the course

  • Why do business with influencers? (Performance indicators to prioritize, target audience, types of content)
  • How to choose your ambassadors (se arch criteria, what to focus on, important statistics)
  • Current trends and platforms to focus on (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitch, Blogs)
  • Contacting ambassadors, briefing and negotiating rates
  • Relationship management with ambassadors
  • Performance and impact analysis
Demystifying influencer marketing
Training packages

Half day (8:30 A.M. to noon or 1:00 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.)

  • Choice of two previously mentioned courses
  • Two experts will be present according to the selected course
  • Fees will be determined according to the chosen courses and number of participants

Full day (9:00 A.M. to noon and 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.)

  • Choice of four previously mentioned courses
  • Two to three experts will be present according to the selected course
  • Fees will be determined according to the chosen courses and number of participants

Consultant à la carte

After attending one of our training sessions, take advantage of the services of a consultant specialized in digital communication and brand positioning to help you implement the strategies and tactics discussed, all according to your needs and your schedule.