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Energy, at full force

NATIONAL knows the energy industry. For over 40 years, we’ve been at the centre of it all, living through every ebb and flow right alongside you. Our experience and expert skills have made NATIONAL a trusted communications advisor to the industry’s leaders.

The industry is rife with demands and expectations. It is becoming more and more challenging for your production, transportation and distribution. Governments are moving to regulate and tax carbon, improve environmental assessment processes and ensure Indigenous interests, creating a more complex decision-making process.

NATIONAL gets this. Our reach extends across every jurisdiction and includes a deep bench of sector-seasoned expertise across our nine Canadian offices. We have strong relationships with governments, businesses, media, influencers, environmental and Indigenous groups.

We also specialize in research and insight. We fully integrate our analytics, digital and social media expertise into our communications and advocacy programs. Our goal is to enable you to earn public support and advance your complex energy projects.

Our experts

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