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Chair and crib

Due to the economic instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of local purchasing was put forward as a way to support producers and businesses in our communities.

As part of this movement, the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers’ Association (QFMA) called upon NATIONAL's expertise to encourage the purchase of Quebec-made furniture, an industry that creates more than 25,000 jobs across the province. The QFMA’s goal was to position the purchase of locally made furniture as a source of pride, and as a way to create jobs in the Quebec furniture industry.

In order to achieve this, NATIONAL developed and executed the Meuble du Québec (Quebec Furniture) campaign, which ran from mid-August until mid-September 2020. The campaign's purpose was to highlight the various benefits of buying Quebec-made furniture and to debunk certain myths—mainly around their affordability, quality and design. The campaign was mainly based on three tactics: outreach to lifestyle and business media outlets, an influencer marketing micro-campaign and guidance regarding the QMFA’s digital platforms.

The campaign generated great visibility for the QMFA: over 3,4 million impressions in Quebec media outlets through 20 stories, over 130,000 combined impressions on Facebook and Instagram, with respective engagement rates of 13% and 8.5%, more than 36,000 interactions, and 850 new followers on both social media platforms.