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2017 Corporate Responsibility Report: Bringing Colour to our Communities

May 11, 2018

NATIONAL’s Montreal team is proud to have helped share the word about this mural tribute to Canadian icon Leonard Cohen, by artists El Mac and Gene Pendon and sponsored by the MU non-profit organization.

NATIONAL is recognized as a trusted partner among its clients. Thanks to the corporate citizenship and ongoing commitment of our employees, this trust also permeates our relationships with the communities in which we operate.

Our local corporate responsibility committees devote a wealth of imagination to making our commitment to these communities a reality by supporting organizations for youth and the elderly, food banks, and causes that highlight diversity and culture.

We are proud of the significant efforts that have enabled us to lessen our ecological footprint. We achieved this by recycling paper, containers, batteries, and other electronics, by composting organic materials when possible, and by reducing our use of consumables of all kinds, notably thanks to the improvements in digital financial trade and document sharing.

As part of the AVENIR GLOBAL network, which includes our sister companies AXON, Madano and SHIFT, NATIONAL contributes to community well-being by dedicating thousands of pro bono hours to various causes that help to bring colour to our communities.

All of this is made possible by our stimulating work environment, in which everyone nurtures a drive to excel. Hence, we invest in our people and in upgrading their skills to make our work environments even more dynamic and attuned to a world that is evolving faster and faster.

To learn more, I encourage you to consult the AVENIR GLOBAL 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report, which proudly reflects our commitment to collectively give back to our communities.

Robert Lupien is head of AVENIR GLOBAL’s Corporate Responsibility Committee.


Written by Joanna Wilson

A conversation with Jean-Pierre Vasseur
May 11, 2018