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The in-game advertising (IGA) opportunity

The in-game advertising (IGA) opportunity
Written by
Manager, Content Marketing

Jessica Parsons


The gaming industry is rapidly evolving, offering exciting opportunities for advertisers. With the rise of online, mobile, and console gaming, there is now a more dynamic role for ads in the media landscape. Time & Space Media discusses in-depth the unique opportunities each gaming sector presents to advertisers.

Online gaming provides a natural way for advertisers to integrate ads, while mobile gaming, accounting for 45% of the global gaming revenue, is ripe for advertising growth. Console gaming, though previously elusive to advertisers, now offers immense opportunities for ad integration and partnerships. However, advertisers must ensure their brand aligns with the game and target audience, and uphold privacy measures.

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——— Jessica Parsons is Manager, Content Marketing at Time & Space, sister company of NATIONAL Public Relations