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A-30 highway

The A-30 highway, used daily by thousands of Quebec drivers, is known for its chronic traffic congestion. In the summer of 2018, it became urgent to raise awareness among public authorities of the importance of taking action and putting forward rapid solutions to tackle this recurring problem. To this end, NATIONAL supported the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de la Rive-Sud in the creation of a coalition bringing together businesses and municipalities of the region.

In order to generate enough support to draw the government's attention, bringing together as many stakeholders from different sectors as possible was key. NATIONAL was able to unite members with different political views and various issues, and convince them to unite their voice to obtain the desired results. Achieving a rare unanimity within an extraordinary short timeframe, more than fifty municipalities and some twenty businesses and organizations joined the ranks of the A-30 Coalition.

Thanks to an effective media strategy and active government relations with elected officials at various levels of government, the A-30 Coalition was able to bring the problem to light. A digital strategy was put in place to support and relay the coalition's efforts, which generated significant media coverage.

Only two months after the Coalition was created, the Minister of Transport agreed to its two requests: the implementation of a reserved lane for public transit and the creation of a working committee to continue the search for permanent and sustainable solutions The Coalition has been very successful and NATIONAL has shown its ability to mobilize many stakeholders in the shortest possible time.