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A funny campaign for the return of good chicken strips at Benny&Co.

A funny campaign for the return of good chicken strips at Benny&Co.

Benny&Co., a family-owned Quebec company, asked NATIONAL to develop the concept for the long-awaited return of its original chicken strip recipe. The humorous campaign devised by NATIONAL was designed to win back the trust of its customers while whetting their appetite for the product. Featuring comedian and host, Phil Roy, the campaign was rolled out on social networks and in Benny&Co. restaurants.

Growing from your mistakes, one chicken strip at a time

Two years ago, the new generation at Benny&Co. changed the recipe for their legendary chicken strips while retaining the superior quality of their chicken protein—a mistake that led to a great deal of dissatisfaction among their loyal customers. That's why the campaign highlights the tastiest comments Benny&Co. have received about the strips over the past two years. Inspired by Mean Tweets, the Benny&Co. team has chosen to highlight this mistake in their entrepreneurial journey in a human and humorous way. The Benny&Co. team took the concept a step further by humbly and self-deprecatingly offering their sincerest apologies to those who had been offended, or even shocked, by their gastronomic experimentation, in a letter to their customers.

In the end, the campaign was picked up by several media, including Grenier aux nouvelles, Noovo Moi, and Allô Vedettes, as well as gaining the support of several content creators on Instagram.