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Redesigning AEMERA's website

|February 13, 2018
Winter landscape of lake with trees

NATIONAL supported AEMERA on redesigning its website. AEMERA is the Alberta organization responsible for monitoring, evaluating and reporting on key water, land and biodiversity indicators. Its work informs environmental decision-making by policy makers, regulators, planners, researchers, communities, industries and the public. AEMERA needed help to provide open and transparent access to scientific data and information on the condition of Alberta’s environment through the website

The web redesign involved translating numerous scientific reports into accessible, engaging resources for Albertans. NATIONAL developed content, design strategies, infographics and interactive tools to ensure that the new website would not only support the interests of AEMERA’s scientific and regulatory stakeholders, but also to promote AEMERA as the singular resource for environmental information to the general public.

The end result is a dynamic site that supports AEMERA’s goals of providing valuable and easily-accessible information about the condition of Alberta’s environment to its stakeholders, government regulators, and the general public.