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The reach of a tasteful acquisition

|February 07, 2023
The reach of a tasteful acquisition

Starting 2023 on a strong note, NATIONAL is pleased to have partnered with Cook it, Canada's meal box pioneer, to announce its latest acquisition. Cook it is now a majority shareholder in Quebec-based company, Menu Extra, which specializes in fine dining at home.

With its extensive knowledge of media relations, NATIONAL deployed a multi-channel media strategy in collaboration with Cook it's public relations team to promote the acquisition across Quebec.

With local purchasing and culinary culture on the rise, NATIONAL and the Cook it team amplified the effect of this news by using two types of approaches. The first approach involved numerous business-related and general media outlets, followed by a second approach focusing on journalists and food bloggers, which allowed for broader media coverage while diversifying the story around this positive acquisition.

With more than fifty mentions, a dozen interviews conducted, and several shares on social networks, the news made the rounds in Quebec in less than 24 hours. The media fallout quickly resulted in a generalized positive reaction from traditional and social media with over 7.5 million impressions.

The collaborative efforts of the talents of NATIONAL and Cook it have allowed this news to shine throughout Quebec, categorizing the union of these two jewels of the Quebec food landscape as a success!