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Trump and the media: Challenges and opportunities

|February 22, 2017
Illustration of Trump in a wire waste basket

Donald Trump’s first 30 days in power have given us a taste of the medicine he intends to serve the media.

In a blog post published in Le Journal de Québec on February 21, 2017, NATIONAL Partner Julie-Anne Vien shares her thoughts on this unhealthy reality TV-like relationship that has invaded the entire public space. Unhealthy because as journalists, analysts and the public focus on the President's treatment of the "4th power", they’re ignoring the real issues that should be at the heart of the US presidential agenda.

Read Julie-Anne’s entire post (in French), titled Trump contre les médias : une téléréalité fascinante, to find out more about the challenges the media is facing in the Trump era, but also about the opportunities that lie ahead if they play their cards right.


Written by Mel Hennigar

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