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How AI changes public relations

|November 27, 2017
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Written by
Jonathan Litwack

Jonathan Litwack

At a recent, forum on public relations and information our colleague Jonathan Litwack, Vice-President, Marketing Technology at NATIONAL’s Toronto office, was interviewed by Infopresse ahead of his presentation to talk about the influence of artificial intelligence on our industry and how we work.

“Artificial intelligence just augments our jobs right now,” explained Jonathan. “It takes all the things that are time and energy consuming like media monitoring, analysis, crisis management, influencer analysis or search forecasting, and does them for us. AI allows us to teach computers to do these things for us.”

Instead of replacing human beings, AI will require new talents, new tools, and a different way to think about people. Facebook announcing that it would be hiring 10,000 people to focus on fake news and political ads is a good example of that.

“At NATIONAL, we have a number of different resources that focus on how to better use AI, added Jonathan. “Data scientists, developers, analysts and others all work together to streamline the data collected and figure out what it means.”

To learn more about AI and find out how it can change public relations, watch Jonathan’s complete interview.

——— Jonathan Litwack is a former Vice-President, Marketing Technology at NATIONAL Public Relations