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2022 Managing Partners letters

January 26, 2022
Canada flags in front of a building

In January 2021, there was much uncertainty, but also hope. We knew vaccines were coming "soon"—we didn't know exactly when, but in the foreseeable future. We wondered how we would live while waiting for them and what our daily life would be like after their arrival. The pandemic situation was our main concern. On the professional front, we continued the sprint we started in 2020, which gradually became a marathon, and then an ultra-marathon. We had to try to make the right decisions each day, amid the uncertainty of what would happen the next day.

As we enter 2022, there is a strong sense of déjà vu. COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines and preoccupy Canadians. Our concern for our health and the health of our loved ones remains a part of our daily conversations and is still trending on social media.

Meanwhile, substantive issues caused, accelerated or exacerbated by the pandemic continue to impact our organizations in every sector.

Every day at NATIONAL, we have the privilege of connecting with leaders from across Canada. Based on these conversations, NATIONAL's managing partners and I bring you an overview of the three leading issues in 2022 in every major region of the country. Issues affecting our neighbourhoods, cities, institutions, regions and each of us.

As your organization continues to change and adapt, NATIONAL has the expertise to help you address business challenges, find solutions, and turn issues into opportunities.

We hope you can leverage these insights as you plan for the year ahead.

Stay safe and keep well.

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