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COVID-19 Service Offerings

NATIONAL Atlantic Expanded Service Offerings

In light of COVID-19, the team at NATIONAL Atlantic, in partnership with our colleagues across the globe, are thinking about how we continue to help our clients conduct business in response to ever changing needs. We have a team of hundreds of experts located both here in Atlantic Canada and around the world who have been hard at work thinking about how we tackle the realities we’re seeing now while also thinking ahead to the future.

We have developed these services to help meet the needs of our clients and help ensure “business as usual” in a time that is anything but.

Navigating Uncertain Times

COVID-19 Daily Reporting, Sector Reporting, and Analysis

The amount of information coming at us has never been greater. We can help summarize and reduce the days’ events into actionable insights, and we can analyze what’s happening in your sector across media platforms, with your customers, and with your stakeholders. While we adapt to our new reality and face the pressures of today at home, at work, and in our communities, there is also a pressing need to make informed decisions that will define tomorrow.

We have a dedicated team that delivers daily reports using the best analytics tools in market to give you the information you need. Daily reports include:

  • Social and traditional data to tell the story of what we’re seeing including news, legislative announcements, and key social media narratives to identify opportunities for your business.
  • Insights and data tailored to your business, sector, and organization.
Virtual Meetings and Events

Hosting, Management, Design, and Facilitation

COVID-19 has meant sweeping changes for all industries. Social distancing factors have resulted in many meetings and events being cancelled or postponed, and additionally, a workforce shift to a remote model has resulted in many organizations needing to host and attend meetings and events of all sizes digitally. But attending a meeting or event on a screen is a different experience—keeping participants engaged and helping attendees get the most of the event can be challenging.

We will work with you to help bring virtual meetings and events of all sizes to life with a thoughtful approach, the right content, and the right technology. Our team has a deep understanding of the best practices for hosting and attending virtual meetings and events, the pros and cons of the various technology options, and the knowledge and expertise to deliver events effectively in various markets and settings, with a broad geographic reach through our AVENIR GLOBAL network.

We can fully envision, design, and execute your virtual AGM, summit, event, or meeting. Our service offering includes:

  • Platform and delivery planning
  • Event design and planning—making a connecting, making an impact, and getting what you need from meeting attendees
  • Pre and post event engagement
  • Speaker training
  • Presentation design and discussion aids
  • Other virtual training programs for teams
Employee Engagement Surveys

As the pandemic has forced employers to transition employees to working from home—potentially with augmented schedules—and to begin taking extra precautions, now is the right time to start checking in with employees. Employee engagement research is an ideal way to capture quantifiable insights in a quick and efficient way.

This survey will give employees the opportunity to provide open and honest feedback, in a confidential, yet constructive format. Engagement research has a proven track record of improving employee engagement and overall satisfaction within their role.

Using our seven-step methodology process, NATIONAL will:

  • Design a survey to gather the information your organization needs to make informed decisions.
  • Determine timing and the best method for capturing insights.
  • Deploy the survey and gather the data.
  • Analyze and tabulate the data received.
  • Deliver and present a comprehensive final report outlining finds and recommendations for moving forward.