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Reach as far as the eye can see

NATIONAL has access to the influencers and audiences you want and the ability to affect the change you need.

We live in a new era. One that uses terms, such as “micro-influencers” and “mega star endorsers.” Finding the right person to represent your brand can be complicated.

A positive word from a known and respected individual can significantly increase trust and strengthen connections. You need to build relationships and we can help with that.

We have vast networks and expertise. We offer influencer strategies, marketing analytics, product seeding, brand ambassador programs, launch events, and much more.

Featured case study

Driving millennials to discover the new Ford Escape

NATIONAL worked with Ford Canada in May 2016 to help it launch its new 2107 Ford Escape and maintain the vehicle’s resonance with its millennial consumers, while overcoming the challenge of limited new vehicle features.

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