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Delivering effective interviews and presentations can be a challenge in a virtual environment. The screen requires much more energy (in fact, 30% more) and in general, people have far shorter attention spans.

NATIONAL is able to help you develop an engaging virtual presentation or prepare for a virtual interview.

Our virtual training solution covers tips and best practices to deliver great presentations, including:

  • Crafting a persuasive presentation
  • Framing your presentation and structure
  • Tactics to avoid pitfalls
  • Audience analysis
  • Delivery
  • Navigating audience questions
  • Review of sample presentations and feedback

In our virtual media training we will review general media relations theory as it pertains to the new media environment and also teach participants how to deliver the most compelling interview possible in a virtual setting. Learn from our seasoned journalists and expert spokespeople who have both represented and trained some of the biggest brands and executives in North America.

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