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Fear of flying

NATIONAL knows that when it comes to public speaking or giving a presentation, nerves spike. Take a look at the stats – 18 per cent of people are afraid to fly; 32 per cent are afraid of heights and 24 per cent are scared by bugs and insects.

A full 41 per cent, however, are afraid of speaking to a group.

We can help you calm those nerves. We will work with you to hone and craft your message whether it is for an external audience or for your team. We will coach you to communicate with strength and power.

It’s all about preparation and confidence. We arm you with the tools, and we teach you the skills, to deliver a stellar performance, and tell a compelling story.

What gives you the edge with NATIONAL is the calibre of the team. Our coaches and trainers have spent their lives on the front lines of the media, in business and government. We have presented to large groups of government officials as well as to smaller, more intimate groups of CEOs and senior businesspeople.

And our programs are robust, aimed at coaching you through your most important presentation – and supporting you in all aspects from content to delivery to proper stance and even what to wear to reinforce your messages.

As every coach will tell you – you don’t deliver a presentation, you perform it.

So, NATIONAL can’t help you with your fear of bugs or flying – but we’ve got the presentation and speech-making part down to an art.

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