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The talent to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow

March 26, 2018
NATIONAL's employees dabbing

Everyone at NATIONAL has a genuine aversion to cookie-cutter solutions, and “one-size fits all” teams.

Our clients are counting on us to help them tackle complex business challenges, and every one of them is as unique as the respective audiences we need to engage with in the process. And despite the influence and impact of disruptive political, economic, technological and social forces at play across Canada today, one thing is constant: all clients have expectations that everything we do must be founded in fact, and quantifiably measurable.

This is why the NATIONAL team is constantly adapting its methods. Yes, we still have the best in the business on all the things you’d expect from Canada’s leading PR firm. That’s our foundation. But for the past few years, we’ve also being doubling down on data-driven storytelling.

We’ve added ethnographers, data scientists, content strategists, creative technologists and paid media specialists to our ranks. We’ve launched a marketing technology practice to help clients field highly-targeted campaigns designed to fill their funnels with greater impact and efficiency; and we’ve added award-winning creative muscle to ensure that whatever we’re doing breaks through in what is becoming a world of content overload.

We seek to attract talent with a variety of profiles, with the conviction that the diversity of backgrounds, life paths and experiences among team members contributes to our creativity and added value.

We also offer a broad curriculum of professional development courses that include proprietary, instructor-led, multi-day seminars; ongoing network-wide webinars; local lunch and learns; and a wide variety of self-paced sessions from a number of third party partners.

Everyone at NATIONAL is expected to invest a substantial amount of time every year honing their craft, and keeping themselves current.

This isn’t just smart for our people; it ensures the Firm’s teams remain better equipped to help our clients tackle an ever-expanding and increasingly complex set of issues and opportunities.

This is the new NATIONAL. And we’re helping our clients succeed in a rapidly-changing world.