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Recognizing exceptional achievements at NATIONAL

February 05, 2024
Recognizing exceptional achievements at NATIONAL

Annually, AVENIR GLOBAL honors standout employees with the Achievement Awards, celebrating those whose outstanding contributions have bolstered our core values, driven growth, and solidified our industry leadership.

Among 255 nominations submitted by colleagues, 96 laureates were selected this year for their accomplishments in seven categories. The awards were presented during local ceremonies for each of our offices.

In addition to the winners in local categories, AVENIR GLOBAL also presented two global recognition awards:

  • Meaghan Beech, Chief of Staff at NATIONAL Toronto, is the recipient of the 2023 AVENIR GLOBAL Way Award, presented to the employee who best represents the Firm’s values and embodies our brand by applying bold thinking to solve challenges and establishing trusted relationships with clients and partners.

  • Jonty Summers, Managing Director, Middle East at Hanover is the recipient of the 2023 Luc Beauregard Award, dedicated to the memory of our founder, and presented to one of the AVENIR GLOBAL Achievement Awards winners whose stellar nomination and strong performance during the year truly stood out among all local laureates.

Here are the 2023 winners from NATIONAL.

The Support Services Achievement Award

  • Rolande Bernier (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Esther Boivin (NATIONAL Quebec City)
  • Sophie Blondin (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Dinorah Lopez Cebada (AVENIR GLOBAL Calgary)

The Commitment and Collaboration Achievement Award

  • Hugo Morissette (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Stéphane Gasse (NATIONAL Quebec City)
  • Emma Clarkin (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Sydney Boll (NATIONAL Calgary)
  • Lauren Howard (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Hayley Shaughnessy (NATIONAL Halifax)

The Business Development and Management Achievement Award

  • André Bouthillier (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Misty Meeks (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Bridgette Slater (NATIONAL Calgary)
  • Kaisa Oland (NATIONAL Halifax)

The Visionary Leadership Model Achievement Award

  • Michel Lacroix (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Yash Dogra (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Tanya DiPenta (NATIONAL Halifax)

The Innovation Achievement Award

  • Vincent Gagnon (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Tyrone Murphy (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Leah Thomson (NATIONAL Calgary)
  • Iain Deans (NATIONAL Halifax)

The People Leader Achievement Award

  • Sabrina Duguay (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Jennifer McCormack (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Craig MacPhail (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Jon Richard (NATIONAL Halifax)
  • Jane Taber (NATIONAL Halifax)

The Diversity and Inclusion Achievement Award

  • Julien Provencher-Proulx (NATIONAL Montreal)
  • Erika MacKenzie (NATIONAL Toronto)
  • Siera Draper (NATIONAL Ottawa)


Written by Vanessa Aronovici

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