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An internship at NATIONAL, an exceptional start to your career

December 13, 2022
An internship at NATIONAL, an exceptional start to your career

Growing up in Montreal, when you're interested in public relations, the first name you inevitably hear is NATIONAL. Luc Beauregard's legacy to Quebec public relations is immense, and NATIONAL's current management carries the torch in a distinguished way. So when it came time to decide where I would intern, NATIONAL was without a doubt my first choice.

When I learned that I was being offered an internship position for the fall of 2022, I was thrilled and very proud of the journey I had taken to get here. These feelings were soon followed by stress. I suddenly realised that this was my first experience with an agency and that NATIONAL is a big PR powerhouse in this country. However, as they say when you're about to play in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, it was "good stress".

On my first day, that feeling of stress quickly dissipated and was replaced by gratitude. The team received me in a warm and friendly manner. Beyond their great professionalism, I was quickly able to meet people who were welcoming, interesting, and passionate about what they do. During my internship, I realized that NATIONAL, in addition to being a high-performance agency, is also an agency that takes care of its employees by offering them a stimulating work environment. The activities organized by NATIONAL, such as the Tuesday morning team meetings over breakfast and coffee or the famous Thursday happy hours, help create strong bonds between employees and ensure that the team spirit at NATIONAL is unmatched.

An internship at NATIONAL is also an opportunity to talk and work with people who have a lot to offer, both professionally and personally. The supervision of my colleagues allowed me to grow and learn at a much faster pace than I expected, and the wide variety of files I was able to work on helped me understand the realities of several areas of society, such as the media, real estate, and healthcare.

In short, if I had one piece of advice to give to someone looking for a public relations internship, whether it's your first experience or not, it would be to look for an internship that is professionally stimulating and that gives you the opportunity to build strong relationships with your colleagues. I was lucky enough to get an internship that met these criteria when I joined NATIONAL and my gratitude goes out to the entire team!


Written by Gabrielle Landry

Client service: From legal studies to public relations
October 27, 2022