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Les prochains 30 à 60 jours : quel est votre plan de retour au travail?

|Premier de notre série d'événements virtuels sur le retour au travail

(La description de l'événement est en anglais.)

Ask our panel of global real estate and building services experts what landlords and tenants should consider in developing their Return to Work Battle Plan for the next 30-60 days.

As governments begin to slowly re-open the economy, commercial landlords and their tenants are scrambling to understand the very real, and frankly staggering, implications of social distancing on returning to work in high-density office towers and buildings.

Confronted with the reality of hours-long elevator line-ups, unreliable temperature testing technology, COVID-19-resistant floor plans, and employees reluctant to re-embrace public transit, organizations are having to draw up Return to Work Battle Plans for a situation without precedent.

Who should return, and how many at a time? Does the building have security, adequate air filtration, and sufficient cleaning services?