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Le balado White Swan : leçons du gouvernement britannique après les attentats du 11 septembre

Logo du balado White Swan: The Crisis Podcast

Une crise peut prendre de nombreuses formes. Mais, quelle qu'elle soit, une chose est certaine : les entreprises doivent être prêtes. Dans White Swan : The Crisis Podcast, l'animateur Gavin Megaw et Gary Cleland, tous deux de notre compagnie sœur Hanover Communications au Royaume-Uni, ainsi que Karen White de notre bureau de Halifax, s'entretiennent avec un invité spécial pour examiner les crises sous tous les angles et expliquer comment les hauts dirigeants d'entreprise peuvent rester maîtres de la situation pendant ces moments tendus.

Dans ce huitième épisode, Gavin Megaw s'entretient avec Lord Richard Wilson, ex-secrétaire du Cabinet et plus haut fonctionnaire du Royaume-Uni lorsque Tony Blair était Premier ministre.

(Le contenu est en anglais.)


A crisis can come in many forms. But whatever it looks like, one thing is certain: businesses need to be prepared. White Swan: The Crisis Podcast showcases host Gavin Megaw and guest Gary Cleland, both of Hanover Communications, our sister company in the United Kingdom, and Karen White of our Halifax office to talk with a special guest to look at crises from all angles to explain how senior business leaders stay on top of things during those tense, headline-making moments.

Each episode of White Swan features an in-depth conversation with a senior figure from the world of business, who tells us about their crisis experiences and gives you the lessons you need to hear.

In episode 8, Gavin Megaw speaks with Lord Richard Wilson, the former Cabinet Secretary and most senior civil servant in the United Kingdom when Tony Blair was Prime Minister.

In a fascinating and open conversation, Mr. Wilson talks about the vital role that the Civil Contingencies Committee (also known as COBRA) plays in pulling people physically together in one place to stop them running around like “headless chickens” in a crisis, and how the U.K. Government dealt with the September 11th attacks—including his own role in that response.

Mr. Wilson goes on to lay down his eight-point manifesto for business leaders facing a crisis. This is a riveting listen and a true insight into how politicians deal with crises—with genuine lessons for all business leaders.