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Derrière le prix Effet NATIONAL

04 mars 2015
NATIONAL Daniella McCrorie tenant un trophée
Daniella McCrorie

Daniella McCrorie

Il y a quelques semaines, notre collègue Daniella McCrorie, directrice, Santé numérique chez AXON CTS, a reçu le Prix effet NATIONAL, présenté à l’employé qui représente le mieux les valeurs de la Firme. Acceptant cette récompense avec fierté et humilité, elle partage avec nous aujourd’hui une partie de son expérience au sein de la grande famille de NATIONAL et ce que cette reconnaissance signifie pour elle. (Le billet est en anglais.)


A few weeks ago, our colleague Daniella McCrorie, director of digital health at AXON CTS, was honoured with the NATIONAL Way Award, which is presented to the employee who best represents the Firm’s values. In this latest blog article, Daniella reflects on her journey thus far at NATIONAL and what this latest acknowledgement means to her.


My first day at AXON/NATIONAL was a cold and snowy day in March 2008 (although nothing like the bitter cold we experienced this past February). I remember how excited I was to be joining a Firm with such an excellent reputation; even more, I was eager to return to my roots in the healthcare industry. As I had never worked on the agency side previously, I knew I had an adventure ahead of me coming in the business from a different perspective. Most importantly, I remember how impressed I was with our team’s calibre of talent and professionalism.

Over the years, the industry has evolved, giving me the opportunity to support and offer strategic leadership on a variety of interesting and meaningful programs. Specifically, I am thrilled to be a part of the ever-changing digital landscape that offers enhanced opportunities for patient and physician engagement and education. I can’t wait to see where the digital revolution takes us over the coming years as we continue to explore new ways of leveraging this impactful communications platform.

Today, I am still excited to come to work because I get to collaborate with extremely intelligent, creative, passionate and committed individuals on a daily basis. Mostly, I am so pleased to be a part of a team and Firm that works hard to deliver top-notch quality while having fun in the process. I am so humbled and honoured to have been acknowledged with the NATIONAL Way award as I strive to embody our core values of quality, commitment, collaboration, responsibility, innovation, respect, and integrity, each and every day, to ensure that we are delivering the best for our clients and making a difference in the future of disease management and patient outcomes through our supportive work.

——— Daniella McCrorie était vice-présidente à AXON, société sœur du Cabinet de relations publiques NATIONAL