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Fiers de soutenir la Fondation CURE à travers le Canada, les É-U et l’Europe

16 mai 2017
Rédigé par

Sarah Gould

Adjointe à la rédaction

Les employés de Montréal de NATIONAL et de RES PUBLICA participent à cette grande initiative depuis trois ans déjà, mais cette année, nous étendons le programme à l’ensemble du réseau de NATIONAL, AXON, Madano et SHIFT. Ensemble, nous pouvons faire une réelle différence dans la lutte au cancer du sein! (Le billet est en anglais.)


For the past three years, NATIONAL and RES PUBLICA teams in Montreal have taken part in the initiative, but as of 2017, we extended our efforts by inviting every employee across the NATIONAL, AXON, Madano and SHIFT network to participate in a collective fundraising activity. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!


In the days following Mother’s Day, the importance of the women in our lives remains (as it should!) at the forefront of our minds. We recognize their strength, their struggles, and their triumphs, and we glimpse how they shape our individual spheres and the world at large. It is with this mindset that today AXON joins colleagues at NATIONAL, SHIFT, and Madano in participating in #NationalDenimDay, the CURE Foundation’s fundraising and awareness campaign for breast cancer.

The CURE Foundation is working throughout Canada to fight back against this disease that touches so many women, men, and their families. The Canadian Cancer Society estimates that 25,700 new cases of breast cancer in women and 230 in men were diagnosed in Canada in 2016. They also estimate that, on average, 13 Canadian women die from breast cancer each day.

In order to mediate harm from such a prevalent disease, AXON is proud to support the CURE Foundation in their multi-sectoral efforts funding research, backing community projects and educational programs, and making the latest treatments and diagnostic equipment accessible to Canadian hospitals. In exchange for $5 individual donations across our workplace, we are “dressing down” and wearing denim to work to stand together in solidarity. It is such a simple effort, but knowing the financial impact and visibility we will generate across all of our offices is incredibly encouraging.

In my personal life, cancer has been a lightning bolt that has struck my loved ones indiscriminately. It took two of my uncles, one of whom was only six years old. The mother of one of my closest friends is a breast cancer survivor. What can keep us grounded during trying times, no matter how cancer has touched our lives, is the knowledge that support is out there, and that hope can always be found. I am honored to wear denim today and continue to work with the CURE Foundation toward a future that is cancer-free.

Despite the fear and uncertainty that a breast cancer diagnosis can bring, it is worth remembering that there is no point in history that the prognosis has ever been better, and the outlook will only continue to improve. These strides wouldn’t have been possible without research, innovation, and awareness. Therefore, please join me in donating at, dressing down, and fueling discussion on social media channels about this cause that has impacted nearly all of our lives.

Happy #NationalDenimDay!

Disclaimer: The CURE Foundation has been a client of the Firm since 2014.

——— Rédigé par Sarah Gould, Assistante éditoriale
AXON Communications, une société sœur du Cabinet de relations publiques NATIONAL


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