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Trends Report: What's next for 2022?

After months of uncertainty and change, the situation is slowly stabilizing for Canadian organizations. Now, we are gradually discovering new issues and trends that will see us through the recovery phase, and eventually, a return to normal life.

Some of the new rules are clear: all of society's stakeholders (consumers, investors, governments, employees, etc.) now expect organizations to be transparent, authentic and attentive to their audiences. Canadians are also all more attached to their communities than ever before and intend to buy and consume locally as much as possible; all are very eager to reunite again after a long period of forced social isolation.

While there are emerging trends on the horizon, we should not assume 2022 will be predictable. The new paradigm we are entering will be full of complex challenges. Businesses will need to find a way to easily navigate the return to office while complying with public health measures, the "Great Resignation," the changing media landscape and countless other potential pitfalls.

We’re here to help. We asked our experts from across Canada to share some of the key trends they envision for 2022 in fields such as public affairs, stakeholder relations, corporate and financial communication, consumer PR, digital communications and more. They provided valuable thoughts that will help you get a better sense of what to expect and how to approach the challenges to come.

We hope these insights allow you to stay three steps ahead.

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