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Providing a healthier alternative to more sugary drinks on the market

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Fundy Drinks approached NATIONAL for support on the development of a brand for a new sparkling drink they were bringing to market. The product was a flavourful, healthy beverage made from unfiltered mineral water and natural, locally sourced fresh pressed fruit, created to provide a healthier alternative to more sugary drinks on the market.

NATIONAL’s team developed a strategy and an overarching narrative based on that unique selling proposition. A simple, healthy drink with low sugar was something that would appeal to a range of audiences, including families and active adults.

Once the narrative was determined: ‘Only three things in our bottle: the highest quality fruit, the healthiest mineral water, and a deep passion for living well,’ the team was challenged with developing a name that could potentially work in two languages, English and French, and that wasn’t already trademarked. Viveau was the clear winner.

Working with Fundy Drinks, NATIONAL able to uniquely position Viveau as a beverage that is perfectly blended to so that consumers can drink something that’s naturally good for them with an uncompromising flavour experience to invigorate their zest for life. From there, the team developed Viveau’s colourful, striking brand identity and created the first round of packaging.

In collaboration with Small Monsters branding and packaging agency, NATIONAL was able to support Viveau in getting their finished branded bottle to market.

The brand has been a huge hit in Canada and is now widely available at retailers across the country, including Costco and Sobeys.