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The power of influence: TELUS Online Security drives cybersecurity awareness

The power of influence: TELUS Online Security drives cybersecurity awareness

In today's technologically connected world, cybercrime has become an increasing concern for Canadians, leading to losses of over $550M in fraud in 2023. The figures underscore the ongoing struggle with cyber threats, affecting 43% of Canadians, with frauds ranging from phishing attempts to social media hacking. The inception of TELUS Online Security in 2020 marked a pivotal step in enhancing Canadians' cybersecurity posture.

TELUS Online Security powered by Norton, offers Canadians a simple yet comprehensive solution to make their online experiences safer and since 2022, NATIONAL has supported in raising awareness of the importance of cybersecurity while positioning TELUS as a trustworthy and leading provider of identity theft protection in Canada. In 2023, NATIONAL, in collaboration with TELUS, developed a robust influencer campaign to amplify awareness across the country.

Following a thorough vetting process of selecting influencers using multiple management tools, NATIONAL shortlisted nine influencers who fit the criteria set including personal experience with cyberthreats, brand safety score, audience credibility score, and resonance. A robust content calendar was built to ensure content was posted in a timely manner and simultaneously with other PR and marketing initiatives. As a result, creators were able to develop 40 impactful pieces of content that drove high engagement from key Canadian audiences.

The campaign achieved an impressive 7.56% engagement rate, surpassing the KPI of 2-3.9%. Additionally, the cost-per-engagement was recorded at $0.87, significantly below the KPI of $2.00 - $3.49. Analysis of reactions and engagement with the influencer community revealed that many Canadians resonated with the campaign's theme, sparking meaningful discussions about cybersecurity and showcasing TELUS' role in addressing these issues.

Through an Influencer Brand Lift study, we determined our influencer content generated a 19 per cent point lift in consideration for TELUS Online Security. The campaign's success resulted from the exceptional collaboration between NATIONAL, TELUS, and partnering agencies, demonstrating the power of collective effort in addressing a critical issue of cybersecurity.