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Helping a B2B business engage with consumers directly

Social media and digital platforms are excellent tools to showcase and promote high quality products. However, they can represent quite a cultural shift for companies targeting other companies (B2B) when they are suddenly in direct contact with consumers (in a B2C dynamic). With the large choice of digital platforms and new communication behaviours on social media, B2B businesses are often forced to put on a B2C hat and develop new skills.

With this in mind, kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturer Miralis called on NATIONAL's expertise to help deepen its team's skills and refine its consumer communication management tools.

More specifically, our team has developed a customized training program for about 20 members of the Miralis team, covering the dynamics of dialogue on social media, direct relations with end customers (B2B2C) and reputation and crisis management.

Based on an in-depth briefing meeting with Miralis' management team, NATIONAL designed a training course designed to align with the company's objectives, a step that helped identify the best existing practices and the team's most important needs. After this initial meeting, we set up two training activities with theoretical, practical and collaborative segments.

The first training session focused on proactive communication, differences in business models, types of consumers, principles of good customer service and some examples of relevant internal communication tools that could be developed.

The second session was a workshop that explored and discussed best practices in a collaborative and engaging dynamic through various case studies. Designed to challenge the participants, the situations focused on difficult cases of critical or frustrated consumers. This approach helped identify ways to avoid potential conflicts, identify levels of risk ranging from simple incidents to major crises, and processes that allow teams to be well prepared.

Finally, with NATIONAL’s help, Miralis' team was able to deepen its understanding of direct consumer relations and acquire new skills on a day-to-day basis.

——— Photo credit: Miralis