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Advocating for an ultra-low-cost carrier for Canadians

NATIONAL’s work with Canada Jetlines began in 2016 with the ambitious idea that the Canadian commercial aerospace market had room for an Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) to meet the needs of Canadians looking for a lower cost flights. Jetlines’ wanted to lure back the five milliion Canadians who are crossing the border each year for cheaper flights in the US, and the 10 million Canadians who are choosing not to travel by air at all. NATIONAL was engaged to conduct an advocacy campaign to secure an increase in the foreign ownership limit for airlines in order to allow Jetlines to raise capital to permit the launch of Canada’s first ULCC. Our campaign involved a range of tactics, including traditional government advocacy, third-party stakeholder support, media and public relations and in-depth regulatory research. This was a coordinated effort to convince the federal govenrment to change the rules surrounding the financing of airlines in Canada by foreign investors. NATIONAL achieved a major victory for our client. The government announced in November 2016 that the Minister of Transport would issue an exemption to Canada Jetlines from the rule on foreign investment and commit to making legislative changes to make the new rule permanent.