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Communicating through challenging circumstances

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Periods of economic uncertainty can have significant economic fallout, from mass layoffs and cash flow constraints to bankruptcies. In these challenging times, internal and external communications will require skill, a deep understanding of the complex issues at play, and sensitivity.

A coordinated communications strategy is essential for a company in financial distress. As it restructures to ensure its survival, a cash-strapped business needs to maintain the support of key stakeholders, while also preserving its reputation. It must therefore ensure ongoing communication with creditors, employees, suppliers and investors, in addition to government and the media.

From one end of the country to the other, NATIONAL Public Relations has an experienced team that understands the legal, financial and regulatory issues that affect you. Drawing upon our extensive expertise, we offer the following types of support in these turbulent times:

  • Ongoing counsel to senior management, including the Chief Restructuring Officer, and the board of directors
  • Mapping of key players (governments, stakeholders) who should be notified of decisions and prepared, if appropriate, with key messages and questions and answers
  • Coordination with external partners, including legal counsel, bankruptcy trustees, court-appointed monitors, investors and creditors
  • Development of a strategic communications plan and content rollout through the various stages of insolvency, from planning to filing and ongoing support
  • Coaching and training of spokesperson(s) (via digital platforms)
  • Social media: Adaptation of external content, content creation, graphic content creation, management of targeted amplification, community management, social media monitoring

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