DSM (Ocean Nutrition Canada)

  • What Makes Your Heart Leap? Facebook campaign

    What Makes Your Heart Leap? Facebook campaign

  • MEG-3.com website

    MEG-3.com website

  • School Survival Facebook campaign

    School Survival Facebook campaign

  • World Oceans Day Facebook campaign

    World Oceans Day Facebook campaign

  • Mother’s Day Facebook campaign

    Mother’s Day Facebook campaign

MEG-3 Brand Consumer Awareness Campaign

On July 18, 2012 Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited was acquired by, and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of DSM.


Ocean Nutrition’s Omega-3 product, MEG-3, is used in food products and supplements all over the world. As the leader in fish oil Omega-3, with over 21 million daily servings worldwide, they were already well-known among their food and supplement customers. The challenge was finding a way to interact directly with consumers so they would look for partner products that contained MEG-3.

NATIONAL worked with Ocean Nutrition to develop an audit of all existing digital properties. We analyzed what they were doing; what successes they were having; and which opportunities could be followed. From there, we developed a comprehensive content strategy for the MEG-3 brand, recommending content streams, platforms, and conversation topics with which they could engage their followers online.

We developed a year-long calendar of social media campaigns, based on holidays, international events, and seasons. We worked with ONC to develop these creative campaigns, launching them on Twitter and Facebook to engage their followers and help spread the word about the benefits of Omega-3 and MEG-3.


Creative Solution

Heart Month Campaign

February 2012 was an interesting month for several reasons – first, it was a leap year, and second, it was recognized internationally as Heart Month. Ocean Nutrition wanted people to think more about the connection between Omega-3 and heart health.

To establish that connection, NATIONAL developed a Facebook campaign called “What Makes Your Heart Leap?”

We invited people who ‘liked’ the MEG-3 Facebook page to tell us what makes their hearts leap, as they had a whole extra day that month to think about heart health. Is it petting a puppy, reading a good book, or having a laugh with friends?

Our in-house illustrator used the ideas from Facebook fans to create delightful drawings that were posted on the Facebook wall and in our interactive canvas. Dozens of fans shared the campaign, likes increased, and many people spent time talking about how they can make their hearts leap, all the while seeing the connection between Heart Month, heart health, and MEG-3.


Mother’s Day Campaign

We wanted the online community to get involved in a conversation about the value of mothers and the advice they give, as well as the important role mothers play in the health and development of their families. 

Remember those coupons kids would give their parents as gifts? For instance, a coupon saying the son or daughter would empty the dishwasher, or vacuum the carpet, or make breakfast in bed. 

We created a coupon package that included a selection of MEG-3 branded coupons that could be downloaded and assembled into a do-it-yourself envelope, as well as a Mother’s Day garland to celebrate Mom. 

On Mother’s Day weekend, more than 20,000 people were reached through organic posts. This campaign also received a 2012 ICE Award for the Best Use of Social Media (Silver). 


World Oceans Day Campaign

June 8 is World Oceans Day. Ocean Nutrition wanted to create awareness around its excellent record of sustainability and environmental responsibility, while encouraging families to talk about sustainability and make the connection between oceans and human health.

We developed a campaign called “Your Ocean, Your Health.” Three ‘papercraft’ templates were created that could be downloaded, cut out and glued into fun shapes:

An anchovy (the fish from which ONC manufactures its MEG-3 product)

The MEG-3 logo fish 

A paper fishbowl in which to place the fish

We also created content for social media platforms that explained the importance of taking care of the oceans and the health benefits of Omega-3. Facebook users could download the templates, make them with their children/family/friends, and talk about the importance of World Oceans Day.


School Survival Campaign

September is often a shock for parents and children alike as they return from a summer of leisure and fun to schedules, deadlines, lunches and alarm clocks. Keeping up and surviving can seem unlikely at the start of the month.

We wanted to remind parents and kids that it IS possible to survive and even thrive again. We chose to focus on general messages that covered a variety of topics, from healthy eating to organization to getting enough sleep. Each school survival tip was illustrated and included a subtle MEG-3 fish to suggest that MEG-3 can also be part of your healthy planning strategy. 



Ocean Nutrition needed a consumer-facing website for its Omega-3 brand, MEG-3. NATIONAL worked to completely redesign and develop their website. Starting with a full structure and content audit, we identified areas of improvement as well as aspects of the previous site that should remain. Essentially, we needed to know what content was performing, and where users were looking for it on the site.

We created a visually interesting design that integrates the MEG-3 brand in a light-hearted and fun way, while ensuring the site is ‘responsive’ and automatically adjusts itself to fit the screen size of the user’s browser.

The site integrates with MEG-3’s social properties, including their blog, and contains a feature section to profile new campaigns and events. Each time we launched a new social media campaign, it had a ‘home base’ on the MEG-3 site where we featured images and a blog post that gives readers more information.