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Tomorrow's Power


In the spring of 2012, Nova Scotia Power (NS Power) engaged NATIONAL to tell their brand’s story and help Nova Scotians understand the changes happening in their province’s energy sector. NATIONAL developed, a website and campaign that allowed Nova Scotians to ask the company questions and receive honest, straight-forward answers.

Our preliminary research from focus groups and surveys all suggested that Nova Scotians wanted to learn more and in fact had an appetite to hear more information from NS Power. Nova Scotians felt they were hearing a lot about the organization but not enough from them. It was clear that there needed to be dialogue between the company and their customers.


Creative Solution

With transparency and direct communication at the forefront, NATIONAL developed the concept and strategy for Tomorrow’s Power, a website where Nova Scotians could ask questions directly to NS Power, and receive honest, straight-forward answers. NATIONAL’s digital team built a website where people could ask questions directly to NS Power and receive accurate and timely responses. Using real Nova Scotians and their own personal questions, NATIONAL developed and launched a multi-media campaign including television, radio, print, out-of-home, and online to promote NS Power’s commitment to customers, and drive people to the website where they could ask their own question of NS Power.

NATIONAL developed a tone of voice for the website through the static page content as well as responses to anticipated questions before the site launched. We also worked with NS Power to develop a process and approach for how to assess and respond to questions as they were received—responding to questions required a significant amount of effort and commitment both from the direct team that was responsible as well as many others throughout the organization. A well-formulated and streamlined approach for responding was critical to ensure questions were answered in an efficient and effective manner.

Currently, a team from NS Power with council from NATIONAL develops informative and conversational answers to each question asked. The goal for the responses is to be frank and candid, avoiding “corporate speak” while explaining the complicated nature of the energy industry. NS Power is very pleased with the response to Tomorrow’s Power and plans to continue and expand on the project.


Impact & Results launched on August 31, 2012, and supporting advertisements were in market the following week. In five months, over 300 questions have been received and answered and there have been over 17,000 unique visits to the site. Analytics show that people are spending, on average, about two minutes on the site.


Project Details

In addition to designing and building, NATIONAL planned an extensive campaign to drive traffic to the site and to maintain a conversational tone and to respond to questions in a timely manner.

Website was designed and built to provide Nova Scotians a platform to ask Nova Scotia Power questions about anything relating to energy in the province.

Website Content Strategy

In advance of the site launch, responses to anticipated questions were developed to be used as a model for tone. Initially, NATIONAL and Nova Scotia Power worked together to develop responses that reflected the conversational voice of the site. Nova Scotia Power now develops responses in house and NATIONAL reviews for tone and provides counsel.


To drive traffic to the site a full scale media campaign was in place shortly after the site launch. This included print, radio, television, out-of-home and online advertisements.

Social Media

A Tomorrow’s Power facebook page was created as support for the site and Nova Scotia Power tweets links to the questions from their twitter account. All social media activity is designed to direct traffic to the site rather than be the focus.