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Launch of Minalliance


Two mining associations, the Quebec Mineral Exploration Association (AEMQ) and the Quebec Mining Association (AMQ), decided to merge their forces under one umbrella organization to better promote the interests of the Quebec mining industry. In a context of intense public pressure and while the government of Quebec was also revising the Mining Act, NATIONAL was mandated to plan and carry out the launch of the new organization and to provide strategic support to the executive director of the newly formed entity. NATIONAL was also given the mandate to design and implement a communications plan for Minalliance.

Creative Solution

The very launch of the association posed a significant challenge: an economic study on the industry was about to be published in spring 2010, but the executive director had yet to begin her mandate and the mission statement had not yet been developed. NATIONAL recommended presenting both associations under the same umbrella for the launch of the study, thus taking the first step towards a much needed cooperation between industry stakeholders. In addition, NATIONAL closely monitored the legislative review process, guiding the new executive director through industry issues. We also used the opportunity to explain elected officials and regional audiences the economic weight of the industry through a series of targeted ads.

NATIONAL assisted the executive director during the branding process. More specifically, we contributed to the elaboration of the mission statement and objectives that led to the creation of Minalliance and its subsequent launch in the media and business community in the fall of 2010.

As soon as publicly launched, Minalliance became active in social media through Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, in keeping with the communications plan developed by NATIONAL and implemented in 2011-2012.

Impact & Results

While the industry was subject to intense criticism from advocacy groups, the simultaneous launches of the economic study on the mining industry and Minalliance were considered real successes in the media. In major cities, where perceptions are generally less favourable, and in regional communities, several observers and columnists on the economic and political scene applauded the decision to create a distinctive brand identity and waive the usual mining industry standards.

Project Details

  • An integrated communications approach based on exhaustive research and verified data on perceptions;
  • A bold change of image brought about by a female executive director in a male-dominated industry;
  • A commitment to transparency supported by a multidimensional digital approach;
  • A solid economic argument to support communication efforts;
  • A careful and well-targeted public relations approach, deployed progressively;
  • An extensive three-year communications plan, including traditional media relations, a social media strategy and an ad campaign for the general public.