Kohl & Frisch

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    Invitation kit, branded M&Ms and USB keys

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    Invitation box

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    Invitation bag

Kohl & Frisch 100th Anniversary

Kohl & Frisch (K&F) is Canada’s only family-owned, national pharmaceutical distributor, linking pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare providers, and 2016 marked the organization's100th anniversary. K&F is an existing client of NATIONAL Public Relations through our corporate communications team, so they naturally came to the NATIONAL PR creative team for a new logo.


The centenary logo needed to pay homage to the rich history of the K&F family business and create a balance between K&F’s storied past and the new forward-looking direction of the business, evolving with the newly established brand story.

K&F required a 100th anniversary logo that could be adapted to a daily-use logo once the centennial year is finished. The logo would be used across a range of materials including signage, business cards and other stationery, gala event invites, programs and banners, in both French and English.


The creative team started with a visual audit, researching examples of potential ideas as well as competitors' logos. We knew that the client was looking for a design that would be minimal, but not flat, and wanted to grandly celebrate their 100th anniversary without overshadowing the company name in the centennial logo.

The client chose the logo recommended by the team for its simplicity and flexibility; the chosen logo works well on its own as well as with the centennial tagline. Once the logo was completed, attention turned to the event invitation. The client stated that they wanted to be “wowed” and that no standard “boring” invitation would do. They wanted their invitation to be elegant and something the recipient would want to keep.

Again we performed a visual audit of “invitation in a box” ideas to get a feel for which direction the client wanted to go and establish an idea of the estimated price point they were willing to spend. Time was also of the essence. Our team set out to design the invite, decide on the colours for the box, ribbon and paper bag design, which would contain the invitation. Since K&F is in the pharmaceutical industry, we designed the bag to resemble a prescription bag from the pharmacy, including a custom sticker to keep the bag closed. M&M’s accompanied the invitation, which were also in K&F brand colours, featuring the logo on the candy itself. 

The invitation took about six weeks from initiation to completion. We had weekly calls with the client team to make sure we stayed on track. It was very useful to have the flexibility to provide prototypes of the various options so that the client could see and physically handle them rather than looking at stock photos or diagrams.


Kohl and Frisch were very pleased with the final product. Invitees' feedback was positive; they liked the brand coloured M&M’s and the packaging it arrived in. Invitations were mailed out in time, which was the main concern after design approvals, and USBs were delivered without a hitch. Part of the creative process is to gain the confidence of the client, and when changes come up at the last minute our job is to make sure the client rests assured that the situation is under control.