Media Strategy

Effective media relations is the sum of the right story in the right media at the right time. Combine this with the reality of the digital news universe and the story now travels the world on the wings of third-party endorsement.

Yet, the front page of the newspaper, the top of the newscast and above-the-scroll line on a major web portal is earned, not paid for.

Keeping media informed is critical to your business in times of success or crisis. Acting as information brokers and influencers of public opinion, the media also provides the perception of third-party credibility in an increasingly sceptical marketplace.

Our approach to media relations underscores the strategic value of acting locally, thinking globally. We understand that what works in the Globe and Mail may not work in community newspapers. Media relations outside of Canada take on another dimension, calling for sensitivity to the media agendas in those markets.

At NATIONAL, we employ a core group of communications professionals and former journalists. Starting with a communications assessment, we translate your business objectives into a finely tuned media relations program supported by a team of media strategists and trainers, writers and researchers.

NATIONAL’s professionals assess the challenges and opportunities of your message, translate business objectives into media campaigns, supported by researchers, writers and media trainers who ensure that your spokespeople are ready, willing and able in any setting.

Strategic media relations may also require you to stay out of the public spotlight from time to time. NATIONAL is well-versed in issues/crisis management and is regularly called upon to help mitigate damage to a client’s reputation during contentious issues.

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