Government Relations

Many of our consultants have had successful senior careers in government policy and communications, allowing NATIONAL to integrate public relations with government relations. This ensures that what government and elected officials hear inside the corridors of power reflects what they’re hearing outside from their constituents, aligning both strategy and messages.

Our government relations practitioners maintain an extensive network of contacts and relationships with elected officials, political staff and civil servants at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

We are knowledgeable about current decision-making and program processes, as well as the protocols of intergovernmental relations and can help you navigate this area.

With its strong presence in Ottawa, supported by a Canada-wide network, NATIONAL can provide its partners with unique support for achieving their objectives by deploying a range of value-added services:

  • Policy insight and analysis
  • Development of strategic plans
  • Outreach and meeting development
  • Presentation support
  • Relationship maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Research and intelligence gathering
  • Event management
  • Media relations
  • Spokesperson training

In addition to its cutting-edge expertise in key sectors of Canada’s economy, NATIONAL supports a variety of organizations in their government relations efforts, including private corporations, multinationals, foreign companies, national and international associations, sectoral bodies, as well as non-profits and diplomatic representatives.