Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is defined as the emotional commitment and connection an employee has to their organization, and its goals. When employees are truly engaged and enthusiastic about their work, they see themselves as intrinsic to the organization’s overall success.

Employee engagement changes corporate culture, involves employees in the overall mission and vision of the organization, and contributes to an increase in commitment and related positive behaviours that support the achievement of overall business goals. The world’s highest performing companies know that engaged employees are more productive, more customer-focused, more loyal and ultimately, more committed to business success. Industry research shows that organizations fostering and modeling effective communication practices report higher levels of employee engagement, lower turnover rates and higher shareholder value.

Employee engagement is a critical business issue that the whole organization needs to collaborate on, and a more collaborative and innovative approach is required to effectively engage and inspire employees. NATIONAL offers employee engagement programs that are customized to deliver results to your organization.

Social media is a 'game-changing' trend that is influencing the way people connect and engage each other at work.

NATIONAL Public Relations, AXON and Madano (all part of the NATIONAL family of companies) conducted audits with communications, human resources and other senior leaders within a diverse cross section of organizations across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Participating organizations included those in the energy, financial services, insurance, technology, public, pharmaceutical, construction, engineering, consumer, media, healthcare, food industry, and professional services sectors.

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