Digital Communications

Everything is Integrated. Always.

Our offline and online lives intersect, so our communication strategies and tactics must as well.

Everything starts with a strategy outlining what offline channels – events, speeches, brochures, articles – and online channels – web, social, email – our clients need to reach their audiences and share their stories.

Everything is Data-Driven.

Instead of guessing what tactics and stories might resonate, we know what works… and what could be working better.

Data is democratic, so why limit it to certain groups or teams? Every person on our team brings their unique perspective to new information, and can apply a different lens to a client’s challenge.

With the extensive expertise of our partner company, SHIFT Communications, who achieved an industry milestone last year by entering into a strategic agreement with Google to become a Google Analytics™ Certified Partner, NATIONAL has unsurpassed analytics expertise with a team that’s an undeniable asset in business. 

Everything is Amplified.

We can take the media stories, social posts and content you create and make it work harder for you through paid social media strategies and digital marketing tactics that reach the right people at the right time.

Anything is Possible.

From being able to build you an engaging website to promote your brands, advance your reputation, drive stakeholder advocacy or provide real time information in times of crisis; to launching paid media campaigns that keep stories alive long past their publish date; we have the in-house talent and passion to make the online world as vibrant (or more vibrant) than an offline campaign.



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