Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Public expectations of corporate responsibility and sustainability create new obligations as well as new opportunities for organizations. Our CR professionals go beyond “feel good” initiatives to help clients understand the criteria that truly matter to their internal and external stakeholders and develop meaningful communications and public relations programs that resonate with them.

At NATIONAL, we believe that corporate responsibility is about ethical, transparent and accountable behaviour while ensuring economic, environmental and socially sustainable development. We also believe that transparent communications around sustainability performance is at the core of an organization’s credibility and reputation in this area.

While each client has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, we understand that every one of them is striving to manage the demands of meeting stakeholder expectations.

Our team of CR and Sustainability experts have worked with publicly-traded corporations, privately-held companies and public agencies in Canada and the UK to develop and implement PR programs and initiatives that reflect their concrete public engagement, corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts.

Whether clients are experienced in implementing corporate responsibility policies and programs, or just beginning to assess risks and opportunities, we offer a broad range of simple, effective and flexible tools that can be used in a staged approach or to address discreet, time-sensitive situations.

Our tool kit namely includes:

  • Stakeholder mapping and auditing
  • Reputation surveys
  • Influencer audits
  • Inventory and analysis of corporate responsibility and sustainability policies and practices
  • Comparative analysis with peers and competitors
  • Evaluation of public relations and communications programs relating to corporate responsibility
  • Policy statements
  • PR and communications strategy
  • Organizational communications
  • CR reports and social audits
  • Questionnaires on socially-responsible investment and database profiles
  • Investor, media, government and community relations

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