Consumer Health & Wellness

Society once defined good health as the absence of disease or physical ailment. Today, good health is seen as the outcome of maintaining a lifestyle of health and wellness. It’s physical and psychological; rational and emotional. And there are a growing number of products, services, experiences and technologies to help us stay the course. The result: our culture focuses on taking better care of our bodies, minds and spirits more than any generation before.

With the growing choices and a barrage of content coming at us from all angles, making sound decisions for one’s health and wellness has become increasingly challenging. At NATIONAL, we’re consumers, too, and we face these same challenges every day. Our goal is to help brands break through the clutter with integrated campaigns that are genuine, empathetic and compelling; campaigns that give us the confidence to make smarter choices about our health. 

Our Consumer Health & Wellness team pools experts from our Healthcare, Consumer Goods and Analytics & Insights practices to deliver innovative strategy, award-winning creative and cutting-edge marketing communications programs that help our clients – and their consumers – maintain a lifestyle of health and wellness. At NATIONAL, our goal is to be the bridge between our clients and consumers – and the choices they make to lead healthier lives. From nutraceuticals to wearables, and fitness to a better night’s sleep, we translate our clients’ products and services into stories and experiences that connect with consumers on an emotional level, to motivate and reinforce positive behavioural change.