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Welcoming Two New Partners to the Firm

Posted Tuesday, April 16, 2013

  • Sarah

    Sarah Coombs, from the Toronto office, new Partner at NATIONAL

  • Julie-Anne

    Julie-Anne Vien, from the Quebec City office, new Partner at NATIONAL

Following a thorough review process, Sarah Coombs and Julie-Anne Vien have been accepted as partners of the Firm in recognition of their outstanding leadership and contribution to the Firm.

John Crean made the announcement today, noting that "Sarah and Julie-Anne embody the technical skills, commitment and integrity that are key to our continued growth and success."

Sarah Coombs plays a key role with the Firm’s Technology clients and has helped build that practice in Toronto to new levels. She has also extended her client work to other markets from British Columbia to Atlantic Canada. She is a dedicated staff trainer of staff and is a Faculty member of the NATIONAL Institute, the Firm’s renowned consultant development program.

Julie-Anne Vien is recognized for her leadership in the Quebec City office and in the Capitale‑Nationale community. She is well regarded by her peers and clients alike for her crisis and issues management skills as well as her media training expertise. She is an inspiring motivator for her peers.

Partners are trusted advisors who provide superior service to the Firm’s clients. They are active in developing new business relationships and uniquely contribute to their respective communities. The quality of their work as well as their leadership skills are great sources of inspiration to their colleagues.

Sarah and Julie-Anne's nominations are a result of the Firm's new Partnership Accessibility Program. The Nomination Committee – composed of the Firm's senior leadership - reviewed candidate performance based on 23 standards in the areas of Business development, Finance, Quality and Talent management.

This brings to 30 the number of partners at NATIONAL, based in offices in Canada, the United Kingdom and United States.

Congratulations Sarah and Julie-Anne, this is a big day for you and for the Firm! You make us proud.

Click here to read the News Release.


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