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NATIONAL welcomes Marketing Technology Vice-President Hide Ozawa in Vancouver

Posted Monday, January 29, 2018

  • IMG-Hide

    Hide Ozawa, Vice-President Marketing Technology at NATIONAL's Vancouver office

NATIONAL is pleased to announce that it is completing its senior leadership team in Vancouver with the nomination of Hide Ozawa as vice-president, Marketing Technology. As well as working with NATIONAL offices across Canada, Hide will work with AVENIR GLOBAL’s U.S.-based sister-agency SHIFT Communications, with a particular focus on San Francisco, the home to many enterprise technology companies.

“NATIONAL is committed to connecting clients to the people who matter most, with the right message, at the right time — with counsel and creative grounded in research, insight and deep sector understanding. Today, that means marketing technology and digital solutions are front and centre. Hide is a dynamic and proven leader with the right experience and skills to deliver in both Canadian and U.S. markets. We’re thrilled to have him”, said managing partner Paul Welsh.

Hide graduated with Honours from Simon Fraser University’s faculty of Communications, Art, and, Technology. He joined the Government of British Columbia’s communications team in Victoria in 2012 and rose quickly through the ranks serving as director and executive director of Marketing and Communications in the Government Communications and Public Engagement office. There he handled strategic planning and delivery of marketing and communications programs, including digital media buying, engagement programs and research. He left government in 2016, forming his own digital agency, which made an immediate impact in the Vancouver marketplace.

Hide’s first day in the office will be February 1. Welcome to the family!


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