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Teamwork at its Best!

Posted Monday, December 18, 2017

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Presented twice yearly to teams that have distinguished themselves on a client mandate, pitch or internal project, the Rowing-Together Thank You Awards winners exemplify the Firm’s values through their teamwork.

One of the latest recipients of the Award is the National Schizophrenia Day team, members of which provided us with shining examples of the success we can achieve when we adopt a “best teams” integrated communications approach.

National Schizophrenia Day

Judith Lebel, Marie-Christine Garon, Astrid Morin, Amélie Forcier, Melissa Wood, Adam D’Agostino, Tara Wickwire, Guillaume Lefèvre and Pascale Soucy

As part of National Schizophrenia Day, celebrated on May 24, team members doubled their efforts in developing and implementing a pan‑Canadian media strategy that included traditional and social media.

This is a wonderful case study on the use of social media, video and Facebook advertising as part of a PR campaign for a GR mandate.

The National Schizophrenia Day awareness campaign on Facebook was very successful:

  • The Facebook video was viewed more than 200,000 times in only 22 days. In addition, the community greatly appreciated the campaign as evidenced by the 1,654 Facebook shares.
  • Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and his Minister of Health Gaétan Barrette also shared the video.

“This mandate is another great demonstration of the strength of our network and how everyone's efforts can turn into a resounding team success,” said Martin Daraiche, Managing Partner of NATIONAL’s Quebec City office.

To all members of the team, thank you and congratulations!



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