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Supporting Homeless Women, One Soup at a Time

Posted Friday, March 27, 2015

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    A little cold for Alex-Sandra, Stephanie, Catherine, Ashley, Dominique and Lynda, but that's what the soup was for!

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    Our RES PUBLICA and NATIONAL teams (from left): Karelle Ste-Marie, Alex-Sandra Thibault, Catherine Vourvachakis, Ashley Clark, Dominique Quirion and Lynda Pelletier.

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    Mmmm, a good soup from St-Hubert for Lynda!

  • IMG-Soupe-elles-08

    (From left): Alex-Sandra Thibault, Marilie Beaulieu-Gravel and Karelle Ste-Marie

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    Coffee with that? Well, yes please!

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  • IMG-Soupe-elles-09

    Ok, we admit that it's a bit hard to tell from that angle. But this is actually part of the beloved female cast from hit TV series Unité 9.

A large crowd including many members of our Montreal team gathered at Place Ville-Marie today for the Soupe pour elles event organized by Gaz Metro President Sophie Brochu as part of the L’Effet A initiative. The Firm has been a partner of this innovative project on female ambition since its launch in January, and a group of NATIONAL and RES PUBLICA employees showed their own support to the cause by taking part in the lunchtime event.

Her ultimate challenge being to mobilize women from all walks of life to raise awareness for the cause of homeless women, Sophie Brochu hit it out of the ball park today, bringing hundreds of participants, artists, business people and politicians (including Montreal mayor Denis Coderre) together over soup and coffee in support of La rue des Femmes. Donations collected on site and online will help fund the services offered by this organization providing assistance to thousands of homeless women in Montreal.

To find out more about L’Effet A and its five participants’ individual challenges, visit the project’s website.


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